Have you attempted to run Facebook ads for your organization in the past, but neglected to see the return on investment? Curious about how to get started but overwhelmed by the many targeting options, audience selections, bidding structures and more? Having a tough time convincing upper management that social media advertising is the best value in modern marketing? If so, this intermediate level course on Facebook advertising is for you!
David Hunter, from Epic Web Studios, will walk the class through the mechanics of building a successful Facebook advertising campaign from start to finish. The course will also review the state of social media in 2015 by briefly discussing the role today's major platforms play and the benefits to be gained by getting involved with many of them (even if it's just for a few moments each week.)

Topics Covered:

  • Ad Creation   
  • Ad Management
  • Ad Analytics
  • Return on Investment for Facebook Ads

You Will Learn:
  • The many different styles of social media ads
  • Why campaigns fail
  • The Facebook advertising ecosystem
  • Why some ads perform more effectively than others
  • How to read analytical data from active, successful ad campaigns
  • How to review the important metrics inside of the Facebook Ads Manager
  • How to create ad campaigns from the ground up using an active Facebook Business Page
  • About bidding structures, and how to bid on Facebook ads
  • Determine an effective budget for your Facebook ads
  • How to create "Custom Audiences" on Facebook using your existing email database, website visitors and more
  • The ways in which Facebook's tracking pixel can help your website and how to implement it without HTML
  • How to use all of Facebook's "Advanced Targeting" options, including "Audience", "Interest" and "Behavior"
  • Why your organization should be using Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and other niche networks

How you will benefit:
  • Build awareness of your business online
  • Create a path to your business
  • Take a customer to a page, you would like them to visit
  • Increase traffic
  • Get more fans
  • Get more sign-ups
  • Increase sales

About the Instructor:

David Hunter is a managing partner of Epic Web Studios in Erie, PA. His company manages successful social media campaigns for everything from small businesses to major brands and celebrities.